Travelling abroad

Roam without worries. You can use your monthly allowances for free in 40 Roam Free destinations, or for just £5.99 per day in 60 Roam Further destinations.

Do I need to do anything before I go abroad?

We always recommend that customers give us a call before they go abroad. We can check that your tariff is set up for roaming and give you advice on using your handset abroad, including setting your handset to 'manually roam'.


What is manually roaming? How does it help me?

Most handsets are set to automatically roam - in other words, they automatically find a network when you are abroad. however, this can cause issues if the handset picks a network from a country not included in our Roam Free or Roam Further destinations. For example, if you are near the border of one country, your handset may register with a network in the neighbouring country. To avoid this, we can show you how to choose the network manually.


Can I call and text numbers in the country I am visiting?

Yes! If you are in one of our Roam Free or Roam Further destinations, you can call and text numbers from the country you are visiting, and call and text back to the UK, based on your usual monthly allowances. You can also use your data as normal if your allowance has inclusive data. Other providers claim to offer a matching service, but actually charge you when you call or text numbers from the country you are visiting - be warned!


Travelling abroad?

Call us on 0330 088 7447 or submit your details below to request a callback.