Smart Office - Hosted VoIP from Fone World.

Take your office anywhere with Fone World's new Smart Office.

A scalable and easy to manage solution for business communications without the enterprise price tag.

Smart Office, Fone World's new Hosted VoIP (SIP) solution gives businesses enterprise-level functionality without the enterprise-level price tag. Smart Office is a phone solution that converts voice calls to data and gives businesses the calling features of a large phone system at a fraction of the cost.


Why choose Smart Office from Fone World?


Take your calls anywhere

Smart Office works anywhere, as long as you can connect to the Internet. The possibilities are endless: take office calls from home, go abroad and keep a live UK presence, log in and monitor your usage on the go, and more. Want to see it for yourself? We can arrange a demo to show you the power of Smart Office.


Drastically cheaper than traditional PBX

Unlike a traditional phone system, Smart Office does not require any physical equipment. That means no repairs, servicing or expensive maintenance agreements to keep your communications in order. Unlike physical phone systems, Smart Office allows you to scale up or down as needed - just pay for the extra 'seat', no costly installations or engineer visits to worry about. The call rates are also even lower than traditional landline rates, with further discounts if you have mobiles with us.


You are supported

At Fone World, we believe that a new contract is just the start, not the end. Throughout your time with Fone World, you will always be able to speak to the sales representative or account manager that connected you.

Our staff are professional, friendly, and always ready to help.

right tarrif

The right tariff for you

Every Fone World tariff is bespoke, based on your individual requirements. Let us know exactly what you need, and one of our account managers will create a personalised tariff that's just right for you.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Unlike other providers, you never need to worry about hidden price increases with Fone World - our prices include VAT, stay the same for the duration of your contract and do not rise with inflation.

Find out more about Smart Office

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