Keeping your number.

It's very simple to keep your number with Fone World.
Just order your PAC code from your current network and follow the steps below:

What do I need before I start?

All you need to transfer your existing number to Fone World is a PAC (pronounced 'pack') code from your old network. Most networks will give you your PAC code within 24 working hours.


I've received my PAC code. What do I do with it?

Great! Once you give your PAC code to a Fone World account manager, we can 'set the port' - we input the PAC code into our systems and can give you a date for when the transfer of your number to Fone World will take place. This is usually set for the next working day, but you can specify otherwise. PAC codes expire within 30 days and it's always best to give us your code as early as you can, so the porting process can take place as smoothly as possible.


What happens on the port date?

At some point during the day, you will start to lose service on your old SIM. This may be a full loss of service, or the inability to make calls, send texts, use data and so on. As soon as this happens, you need to remove your old SIM and insert your new Fone World SIM. Please do this as quickly as possible to avoid any issues in the porting process. Most ports are very smooth but we are always there to help you if problems do arise.



Got your PAC code?

Call us on 0330 088 7447 or submit your PAC code and mobile number using the detail below. One of our account managers will call you to confirm your details before going ahead.